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Sunday February 3rd, 2019

2019 Happy Lunar New Year!

February 3rd is the day of Setsubun.
Setsubun refers to the day before the beginning of each season.

The literal meaning of the word Setsubun is “division of the seasons,”
Out of all the 4 Setsubun days, Risshun (the first day of spring) is the most special day.
Back in the day, the Japanese new year started on Risshun (The first day of spring).
Setsubun signifies the ending of winter and the beginning of spring.
It is believed that *oni come when the seasons change in Japan.
*Oni: a devil-like creature from Japanese folklore.
There are many rituals to exorcise these oni.

You can try special Setsubun menu "Ehomaki" at our restaurant.
Ehomaki is a sushi roll that is believed to be good luck when eaten on Setsubun day. This custom began in the Kansai area but now it has become a nationwide event and Ehomaki is sold at supermarkets and convenience stores.
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